Episode 0.5: The Beginning

A big thank you to all (4) of you who listened live last night! Our virgin podcast was a lot of fun, despite some technical difficulties, and it’ll only get BETTER from here!
As promised, I am posting show notes and links to the stuff we talked about. In the future I plan to post this stuff right after the show for your clicking pleasure. Enjoy!
1 Celebridiocy
Nocturnusrex- Will Smith:  Scientologist?
Paidion- Gaga@ Lennon’s piano
2 Websites you can’t live without
Paidion- todaysbigthing
Nocturnusrex- postsecret
3 Fail of the Week
Nocturnusrex- Happy Meal (<–this one is probably a fake); In New Zealand, dog hunts you!
4 If I had a million dollars
Nocturnusrex- Call me Captain Nemo
Paidion- Pure Electric Awesome!

*Bonus Feature!* You gotta click it to find out…  (probably not a trojan designed to take over your computer and turn it against you)

5 Music you should NOT steal
Paidion- Marina & the diamonds:  “The Family Jewels”

Thanks again for listening and please tune in next week for another exciting episode of CULTURE SCHLOCK


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One response to “Episode 0.5: The Beginning

  1. jWeave

    Will Smith!!! Say it ain’t SOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

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