Episode Dos: Revenge of your mom

Another Thursday night means another successful episode of the show that’s sweeping the nation…of Luxembourg.  Yeah, they love us over there.

Much love to all our listeners!  Whether you caught us live tonight, listened to the show on talkshoe, or downloaded us from iTunes we’re thrilled you’re listening!

As promised, here are the links to all the stuff we talked about tonight.  Your questions and comments are always appreciated. Long live CultureSchlock!

1. Movie time:


2. Read all about it:

Nocturnusrex: The Speed of Dark; Paidion:  Supervillains and Philosophy

3. Fail of the week:

The consequences will never be the same!

4. Celebridiocy:

Nocturnusrex: What a Pratt; Paidion: Brittany loves Mel?

5. Music you should NOT steal!


6. Timesuck:

Nocturnusrex: Fallout2, Lego Batman (DS), Frontierville; Paidion: World of Warcraft, Super Mario Galaxy 2

7. Cool Tech:

Nocturnusrex: Microneedles; Paidion: DNA Art

8. Retromendations:

Nocturnusrex: Ender’s Game; Paidion: Neuromancer

If you don’t see a link to something we talked about and you want to know where to go, just leave a a comment and I’ll post it for ya.

Since I know you listened to the whole show, you probably wet your pants laughing at Paidion’s confession of his own personal fail of the week (I know I did).  Stop.  Take a deep breath.  Go change your pants.   Now, show the man some love!  He’s not the only one out there with a tale of hilarious, hilarious woe.  We want to hear your personal stories of humiliation!  Don’t be selfish, laughter is the best medicine…although I guess it’s not as helpful when other people are…never mind.  Anyway, we’d love to hear your stories and with your permission (or if it’s anonymous) we’ll pick out one or two to share that will let Paidion know he’s not alone after all!


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