Episode 3: Electric Boogaloo

A major shout out to our special guest: Kevin!  Thanks for your insight and expertise, we appreciate you taking the time to talk movies with us.  Another big thank you goes out to all our listeners!  We know who you are (no really, we know all of you personally) and we’re glad you’ve come along for the ride.

Once again it’s time for Show Me the Links!

We don’t have any specific links for the movie segment, but here are a few to check out if you’re interested:

Comic-Con 2010; Coming Soon; Disney

Fail of the Week

Nocturnusrex:  Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmacrazydude


Nocturnusrex:  Linda Hogan & Toy-boy

Paidion:  Elisabeth Hasselbeck detaches brain and opens mouth


Nocturnusrex:  Red Dwarf

Paidion:  Metropolis

Websites you can’t live without:  Webcomics edition!

Nocturnusrex:  The Girl is a Genius!

Paidion:  A Blog & a Comic all in one!

ExtraSecretBonusComic:  Click if you DARE

Schlock or Not

Blood on the Dance Floor*

*This is without question the worst possible Schlock you don’t want to imagine and we categorically refuse to link to it.  For your own mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing we beg you not to find out for yourself!

Music you should not steal

Paidion:  Mumford and Sons

Group Therapy

If you listened through the end of the show you got to hear our horror stories of our worst roommates EVER….Ever. Ever!  What’s that you say?  You’ve had worse?  PROVE IT!  Leave us a comment or email (schlocking@gmail.com) us with stories from your sad life so we can mock you…I mean… share in your pain friend.  Click here for ideas on passive-aggressive ways to deal with a bad roommate.



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