Episode 4: A Nude Hope

We are happy to be back in the saddle, recording our show once again!  Maybe we don’t have what you might call a “regular schedule.”  Perhaps our wives describe us as “dorks” and claim that our show is “too long.”  Nevertheless, we shall prevail against all odds to bring you the goods on odd things and other…stuff… that sounded better in my head.

Anyway, as promised (better late than never right?) here are the notes from this weeks show.  Click a few links, tell your friends, inform on your enemies, whatever you gotta do.  Enjoy!


The Mutant Chronicles


Paidion:  Cornucopia– like a printer for food!

Nocturnusrex:  10 Coming Tech Advances


Paidion:  Awesome Original T-Shirts!

Nocturnusrex:  Calvin & Hobbes baby!!

FAIL of the WEEK!

Drama Queen/Attention Whore?


Paidion:  Weave Paris Alone!

Nocturnusrex:  Lindsay Needs HELP!


Paidion:  The Twilight Zone

Nocturnusrex:  Samurai Jack

We have linkage baby!  Click away to your heart’s content, but please leave a question or a comment before you go!  We would love a little feedback on how we’re doing.  Don’t forget to share your story of confrontation with authority.  Tell us how you stood up to the man!

We’ll have another killer show for you sometime within the next week, date and time T.B.A.!


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