Schlock Trek V: The Final Frontier

I don’t want to brag or anything, but CultureSchlock is awesomesauce with a side of fries!  Our rabid band of loyal minions number in the high single digits and their insatiable demand for high-energy, witty social commentary is rarely satisfied by our show…  Nevertheless, we continue to separate the schlock from the not and have fun doing it dagnabbit!

INTRO: Game Console History Lesson

And the listener’s choice on our “Hyperspeed News Story Roulette” (patent pending):  Del Toro Hellboy 3 interview


Hate Mailer “Charles Manson” Wants Parole


Paidion:  This IS the droid you’re looking for! <{{{WANT!}}}>

Nocturnusrex:  New Use for your Phone Jack


Paidion:  Beiber = H@X()R?

Nocturnusrex:  Say it ain’t so Mario!

Music You Should NOT Steal!

Paidion:  David Ford

Nocturnusrex:  Novosti

No news yet on when our next show will air.  Never doubt that it will be soon, and it will be AWESOME!  That is all.


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