Episode 8: Broke-Back Chiropractor

There was much joy and very little vomiting during the most recent episode of everyone’s favorite podcast: CULTURESCHLOCK!

The chatroom was more lively than ever, which was awesome, and there were 27 itunes downloads of our previous show.  WOW!  We love you our loyal (and possibly rabid) fans!  We would still do this without you, but it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.

One last item of business before moving on to the links:  Schlock trooper and friend Carena has been crowned QUEEN of the SCHLOCKETTES (a much coveted title).  She responded to our Group Therapy topic of the week and shared a couple of stories for us to broadcast to the masses.  You ROCK Carena!

Without further ado, teh linx:


Is this the future of entertainment?


Paidion: Another celeb feels the need to open their mouth

Nocturnusrex:  3% really? Come on people, use those Tweets for something worthwhile!!


Paidion: Red Riding Trilogy, TRON; Movie News: Capt. America, New project

Nocturnusrex:  Away We Go, The Expendables

Schlock-or-Not movie we’ll be reviewing next week:  Repo! The Genetic Opera


Cool new show?

Is it really amazing, or just pretty cool?

Nancy Dre…I mean Veronica Mars


On Paidion’s reading list:  The Clockwork Man

Nocturnusrex read: Cows of our Planet, Blood Memory


You know what would be fun?  Lets share a needle with 18 other people!


Team Fortress 2, Phantasy Star Zero, Warstorm

I will cut you with my AirBlade


Check it out on Myspace

Cup of Brown Joy” on Youtube

Another fine example of awesome in action!  CultureSchlock is kicking butt and chewing bubblegum…and we’re all out of gum.  Thanks for listening, thanks for clicking, thanks for downloading, thanks for just being you!  Don’t forget to listen live next Thursday night @ 7PM Alaska, 9PM Mountain.  Much love to the Schlock Troops.


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