Schlock it 12 me baby.

First, we wowed you with news about cool tech and games you never knew existed (unless you have access to the internet).  Now we are excited to bring you movies, movies, and more movies!  Stuff we watched, stuff we want to watch, stuff we wish we’d never watched and we try to pre-warn you so if you’re ever at a video store wondering to yourself, “Hey, I wonder if I should rent this movie?” and then you’ll be like, “Hold your horses there cowboy, didn’t I hear a couple of guys say this movie sucked?” and then you’ll drop that movie like it was made out of rancid dog farts and go find something really worth watching like The Lost Room or Death Race 2000 which we retromended (yes, it is a word. no, you don’t have to look it up) to everyone in our most recent, and greatest, episode of CultureSchlock!  Shall we continue with the clickables?  I think we shall.


Bat-news 1, Bat-news 2, Spider-news, Arrr-matey-news, Wolver-news, Muppet-news, SATC-news.


Showing Now:  Jackass 3D, RED

Oct 22nd
Paranormal Activity 2
Oct 29
Saw 3d
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest
November 5th
127 hours


Jonah Hex, How to Train Your Dragon, Apocalypse Now (Full Disclosure Edition), Predators, Rocky Horror Picture Show 35th anniversary, Psycho (50th anniversary), Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban Ultimate Blu-ray

You can google these if want more info.


Sintel, A Gentleman’s Duel


Princess Leia did coke?  I’ll be drunk for Lindsay too!


Paidion:  The LXD: The Uprising Begins, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Surrogates

Nocturnusrex:  Date Night, Garden State, The Town

And there we have it folks.  Another one bites the dust =o)  See you Thursday!


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