Episode 15: Culture Schlock vs. Mothra

What?  A website?  And its up to date?!?!  Get outta here!!  That’s right ladies and germs, it is my great pleasure to present:  The Movie Edition of the Schlock.  ….aaaannnddd go!
Movie News
First look at the new Muppet Movie
New images from Tin Tin
First Look at the Smurfs
The 500th film version of Jane Eyre has a trailer
Spider Man Casting (um….ok…)
More Spider Man casting (dear God no!!)
MGM files for Chapter 11…
June 22, 2012…Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Film release.
Remake of Soylent Green
Coming Attractions
Out Now:
Nov. 19th
thats pretty much it….no one wants to compete that week.
Nov 26
The King’s Speech -limited release
Tangled (Rapunzel finally a Disney Princess)
Dec 3rd…it’s all lame…*sigh*
Dec 10th
The Tempest (Shakespeare)
Celebridiocy <– Click if you dare!!!!
Home Movies
RED <– I get to see it this weekend!!
The Short Films
Trailer Park Community Center
Gnomeo And Juliet (written by the same guy who does the Bunny Suicide books)

Yeah, I know that was awesome.  Just wait until next week!


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