Buy Us Presents!!!

In no particular order we have some awesome, geeky-gift-guides and some other goodies for your amusement.  It’s like the old Sears Wish Book….that our children will never experience.


Engineers Black Book

Tac Bac


Complete Star Wars on Blu-Ray

USB Mini Fridge

Flip MinoHD

T-Rex Skull


Ink-less Metal Pen

Have You Tried Turning it Off and On?

Any for a little craptech?

Awesome geeky-gag-gift!

If you really, really, really, really, really care then you will buy this for me (Unfortunately, most people stop really caring after the 4th really…).


Hot, fresh, steaming gaming!?!

Who ya gonna call (for all your caffeinated, gourmet marshmallow needs)?
Face your Archenemy
Trendy and nerdy… how did that happen?
Spend some big money on Paidion right now!  He deserves to feel like a princess King for at least a day!

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