Buy us a drink! CultureSchlock is 21 (episodes) and counting!

So…no feedback yet on whether the masses approve of/enjoy having all the show links hot off the intertubes and served up for your clicking pleasure while we talk about it.  I’m going to go ahead and assume that this idea is wildly popular and every time someone works up the courage to comment they grow incontinent with glee and are forced to abandon the effort.
To begin with I will share a follow-up clip that Paidion brought to my attention.  Now the identity of the lady who fell into the fountain while texting (see the clip in last week’s show notes) is known to the universe!  Join with me in a gesture of mirth, on the count of three:  point and laugh!
Introductory Remarks:
For your viewing pleasure, a couple of short films.  Short and AWESOME!!!
From the warped brain of Nocturnusrex:
This is legitimately more frightening than sharks with laser-beams!
Like being “GREEN”?  Want to really make a difference?  Save the planet, kill yourself!  At least, that is the conclusion I drew from this article

From the mad dreams of Padion, Boy Genius:

What is the cure for the common earworm?  More earworms!!

Don’t know what to make for dinner?  Try out this nifty tool!

Listener submitted link.  Click if you like cool stuff.  Go away if you don’t.

Discussion of The Expendables as well as the offending movie companies responsible : Anchor Bay and Millennium Films.  Ranting may ensue…ENSUE!!!

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