Top Secret Episode 22: Do Not, Not Download This Schlock

Last night I had a vision.  A vision of the future.  A vision of the future that transcends belief!  For those of you reading this in the year 2077, congratulations.  You truly are super-fans and the dedication it took to find these obscure archives will now be rewarded.  Listen well children.  We’re about to drop some knowledge, so you’d best be pickin’ up what we’re layin’ down.

Paidion’s Pearly Wisdom Pustules:

Current addiction level: growing; current fun level: funtacular!

Wait, you actually have to physically play this…like in real life?

Epic MJ Covers:  Smooth Criminal = AAF &  Cello duel; Billie Jean = Accordion style; Beat It = Fall Out Boy (a Nocturnusrex addendum) to be discussed at length by our panel of experts!


SteamPunk couture for the Ladies.  Double-link-tacular!

Paidion Presents:  “Better Living Through Teh Internets” This week featuring stereomood.

Nocturnusrex’s Noxious “Knowledge”:

Bodacious Book Review

Craig isn’t the only one who can have a list

I need one of these for some reason.

Groovy gizmo

Are you feeling man enough to click here?


From Paidion = Doctor Dolittle

From Nocturnusrex = Flight of the Navigator


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