Episode 24: Jack Bauer Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

…aaaand we’re back.  After being briefly afflicted with Scrivener’s Palsy, Paidion seems to be on the mend.  Nocturnusrex continues to suffer from Grocer’s Itch, but he’s going to live.  Somehow they’ve managed to cobble together a fresh batch of link-atude for your clicking pleasure.  Now don’t hog all this juicy, prime, grade-A beef for yourself, tell a friend…or 60.  Click, download, enjoy, repeat!


Paidion’s Party Pants

Do You Feel Connected?

The Voynich Manuscript:  14th century hoax?

International Steampunk City!

Time Travel Mart

Useful Link: Finding New and Interesting Music

Nocturnusrex’s Nasal Nachos

It’s a Manly Romance

The New Hotness

Hooray for Common Sense!

Money CAN buy happiness!



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