Episode 25: BOOM! Winning. Like a Boss!

“Space Patrol!  High adventure in the wild vast reaches of space … missions of daring in the name of interplanetary justice. Travel into the future with Nocturnusrex and Paidion …commanders in chief of …the Space Patrol.”

Our new “hero” Charlie Sheen has inspired us to abuse drugs, alcohol, and tigers (not necessarily in that order); not to mention hotel rooms.  When you’ve got a 1000-year-old brain and 7-year-old boogers you’re bound to say some things that normal (boring) folks just wouldn’t understand.  Listen to this week’s show as we experiment with a couple hits of Charlie Sheen and see who’s face melts off first!

Nocturnusrex’s “…too gnarly for people..” Links

From this point on, you will never look at Ketchup the same again.

Why don’t you go Fabricate Yourself?!?

Camping gear for exhibitionists…rich ones…

Who knew douchery could be so funny?

The Last Great Race on Earth

Your parents didn’t love you this much… don’t cry, mine didn’t either.

Paidion’s “…not from this particular terrestrial realm.” Links

Ahh, the memories.  Nothing like death by dysentery!

>>>241543903<<<  This is important.   This means something.

Bizarre, addicting little game of the week

Are you into leather?

The Clockwork Cabaret

Amazing, creative, book-destroying art!


Sad, but true.


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