Episode 27: Not To Be Confused With The Forever 27 Club

Last week you all had the distinct pleasure of hearing an unscripted, un-linked “Fireside Chat” episode of the Schlock.  Truthfully, that was probably a pretty accurate taste of what it would be like to be a fly on the wall when Nocturnusrex and Paidion sit down to tea.  And by tea of course I mean beer. This week we are back in fine fettle bringing you the very best* the internet has to offer.

Paidion Proudly Presents Parastatic Proclivities

Awesome Shirts for Awesome People

The internet troll version of a spit-take

Steampunkify your home today!

This link is pretty sharp, be careful where you click

This hep-cat is the bee-knees!  Can you dig it?

Duct-tape can do anything!

Nocturnusrex Nucivorous Nodosity

True or false?

The $625 cookbook

Trailer Trash

Iron Man’s house for sale

This is what you get from over-compressing your movies

Tilt-shift movie magic


Happy 137th Birthday Harry!


*views of the authors of this blog do not necessarily represent the truth accurately.


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