Don’t Trust Any Episode Over 29

Name that movie!


A very merry un-birthday to all the Schlocktroops!  We took a vote and decided work is for the birds.   Therefore, from now on we shall devote the greater portion of our mental powers to the education and training of birds.  Once the birds are smart enough we’ll help them find jobs and in return they shall give us a portion of their salaries out of sheer gratitude.  This is a fool-proof plan and I defy anyone to refute my logic!

Linkage a la Paidion

Want to know the future?

Finally, a use for all your old Manga!

Duck and cover!  Get your BOB on.

For the Fashion conscious hipsters among us….Newspaper Nails!

Wicked-Cool New Game!


Nocturnusrex Links du Jour

Atari 360? XBOX 2400?

Wanna go to space?

Happy International Beaver Day!

Soon you’ll be able to grow these at home…like Sea Monkeys!

Fashion suggestions for your next plane trip.



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One response to “Don’t Trust Any Episode Over 29

  1. Andrew

    Wher tha portal tshirt link?

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