An Open Letter to Zack Snyder

Dear Mr. Snyder,

Upon hearing that your next movie would be a project that you had written yourself I was immediately ecstatic. I have been a long time fan of your work and consider you a visionary and a true artist of film. As such I had always wondered what it would be like if you were to direct something you had written yourself.

When media began to surface regarding Sucker Punch I obsessed over each glimmer and frame of the footage, especially the full trailer. I have always said that someone could watch your film, at any moment hit the pause button and turn that frame into a full size poster that would look amazing. The Sucker Punch trailer was no exception.

When finally reviews began to pour out I consumed them with equal relish…and that is where something didn’t sit right with me. Something deep in the pit of my stomach tempered my enthusiasm.

To be blunt, it was the inclusion of sexual violence, particularly rape though there is more than just that, that has made it so that I cannot justify seeing this film.

As a writer myself I can understand the usage of this kind of event in a piece of fiction. It makes a definite black and white line on who is the evil, despicable, nonredeemable villain and creates more than an adequate amount of sympathy for both the victim and the actions of the victim when revenge finally comes calling. It creates an amazing amount of psychological tension for the viewer because rape is one of those acts that we as humans find utterly detestable and wrong in all circumstances.

I have sat through two possibly three rape scenes as a result of your films, and I cannot bring myself to do it again. I know too many women who have been raped and/or otherwise sexually assaulted. While I am sure that your intention was to make this a film that makes victims feel empowered, I cannot help but feel that it can do naught else but make them relive the event on some level as they watch.

In your films 300 and Watchmen I understand that the argument could easily be made that those elements were already there when you began the project because they were not your writing. The presence of rape in your current film causes discomfort within at least me because it seems as though you, as a director, are treating rape and sexual assault as a gimmick. These things are not gimmicks. These events destroy peoples lives and the damage also the lives of those who love them. It is not an event that simply goes away.

As such I cannot see this film. As such I cannot recommend your work to others.

Please keep rape and sexual assault out of your new Superman movie.



I agree.  I will also not be seeing this film.  – Nocturnusrex


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One response to “An Open Letter to Zack Snyder

  1. Andrew

    I saw the mOvie. I understand your feelings on the subject. The objectionable material is mostly implied (versus depicted in 300 and watchmen). When baby doll is “dancing” the movie cuts to the plotline from her imagination. But the implications are very clear. I just watched the movie to see chicks done up like anime/manga charcacters shoot awesome guns and the special effects/ graphics. I love that Old gal from High school musical rockin the big machine guns!

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