Tragic News!

Bombs away!

It is my sad duty to inform you all that there will be no Culture Schlock tonight.  Due to a debilitating “illness” Paidion has been unable to leave the bathroom for the last week.  It all started when he took a couple of laxatives to relieve his constipation.  Unfortunately they started working too well so he took a couple of Imodium to combat the effects, but that stopped him up again requiring more laxatives…

So far he’s been unable to find the right dosage of either drug that will balance out his digestive issues which has made him a little depressed.  Thankfully the doctor prescribed him Prozac so even though he can’t get off the john he feels pretty good about it.

Don’t worry too much about him.  He’s been drinking a lot of milk and prune juice so I’m sure he’ll be on the mend in no time!

On an unrelated note:  Nocturnusrex is currently AFK and certainly not responsible for writing potentially embarrassing and untrue information about his partner in crime.  That is all.


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  1. scottishpearl

    Well I suppose we can let you off just this once, but we do expect some amazing links next epi…that’s an order from a Schlockette….now feel better!

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