Episode 36b: We’re Gonna Parameter You in the Paradigm Until You Synergize

Mess With Texas!

I know a number of you have probably already died from sheer anticipation at this point.  The rest of you may be on the verge of total mental collapse, but I want to reassure you:  The Schlock is back with a vengeance!  …I’m not really sure who or what will taste our glorious retribution, but we’re about to kick this pig!

 Paidion says, “Your mom.

Billboard o’ lawsuits

Operation Cupcake FTW!

Behold the power of photoshop

Ready for a mind-twisting good time?

Pakistani Starfleet!


Nocturnusrex says, “For customer service go somewhere else.

Teenager actually doing something useful!

Inexplicable yet strangely soothing

Stickpage.  That is all.


Josh Garrels


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