This level of awesome makes it hard for me to breathe...

Tonight’s episode marks a significant anniversary in the annals of Culture Schlock.  A year ago this week (363 days ago) we began a project that Will & I (James) have been contemplating for many, many years.  The exact nature of the project has changed multiple times since it’s inception, but our desire to collaborate on something has been a longstanding dream.  Long ago, in those primeval days when there was no such thing as a “podcast,” I seem to remember a plan to self-publish an underground -zine inspired by a concept album we were obsessed with at the time.  *Sigh* Those were the days.

To continue our trip down amnesia lane we present to you a selection of our favorite links from the past year.  I thought about not posting anything and making you (our loyal fans) play “find the random link,” but I decided to play nice…this time.

10 Awesome Links We Love

Shock my taters, please

Problem with your blackberry?


Arcade Fire

Ye Olde Time Travel Mart

In the war between bears and duct tape. duct tape wins again!

Steampunk World’s Fair!

Feelin’ Manly?

Blow those drowners out of the water!

Star Wars the musical

Ready for a little schlock?  Then enjoy the schlockiest schlock we’ve consumed this year!

Cleavage Caddy, OOoo Chair

BOTDF  <– STILL refuse to link to this drek!

Red Riding Hood, Operation Endgame

Twilight, Dust

Dead Like Me

A million thank-you’s to all our fans!  Hope you enjoy the show!


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