Episode 38: The Sousaphone of Chronological Distance


"Mommy, can I re-enact Chernobyl in the basement?"


Ahoy me hearties!  This be the tale of two scurvy landlubbers that sailed the seven internets in search of ‘idden treasures.  Aye, they found a fair few for their efforts, but rare indeed were those fine baubles when matched against the overwhelming tide of bilge they ‘ad to muck about in.  If ye only knew the ‘orrors they witnessed in their quest it would surely put ye off breakfast for a fortnight!

Today they be generous enough to share wit’ all you deck-dogs a fine trove indeed!  10 bonny links the like of which ye’ve ne’er seen…and if ye ‘ave seen ’em then keep your mouth shut about it and play along anyway if ye know whats good for ya!

Thee Links of William “Pignut” Paidion

Nintendo 3DS drops it’s price…..to what it should have been in the FIRST place

Anyone want to buy a Chinese kid or three?

Ohio:  Birthplace of awesome!

You sunk my Battleship™ !

Flowerpot Fridge

Thee Links of James “Jolthead” Nocturusrex

New York:  Legislating your life to infinity and beyond!

A sentence so full of WIN it almost doesn’t need a link:  Bruce Lee playing ping-pong using Nunchucks!

Outdoor Gear, the pointless and the nifty.


The Can-Can as only ZELDA can!


This is all old news, but I guess it’s been fermenting in the ‘draft’ queue long enough.  If anyone happens to find this message and wants to see some more schlockingly good links please leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.   ~J


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