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Episode 36a: Part One in a Two-Part Series Exploring the Dichotomy of Amish Tech Support

For your abbreviated enjoyment we now present a few links from our most recent excursion into the dark underbelly of the intertubes.  While “dark underbelly” undoubtedly sounds a little ominous, let me assure you that the underbelly we’ve been exploring is mostly ticklish and smells of parmesan cheese.  Underbelly.

It was deeply aggravating to have our show cut off before we really got ramped up.  It could be attributed to simple technical difficulties.  However, a much more likely scenario is that the army of “Beliebers” is actively sabotaging any critics of his new “Someday” parfum (Yes, this is not a typo).  We at the Schlock refuse to endorse anything so mind-numbingly heinous, so instead please enjoy this lovely painting found whilst browsing the fine arts.

This is a painting of a flower.

Parfum D’oh Paidion

I wonder if these Divorce Cakes taste bitter…

Social Curation?  More like social BOREation! LOL AM I RIGHT?!?!

Nocturnusrex de toilette 

The “Green-washing” movement is a lot like the biodegradable products they push:  overly gassy.

Circular saw blade slingshot.  A new and exciting way to maim your friends!


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Episode 34: Year of the Consulship of Persicus and Vitellius

Flipper? You're creepin' me out bro.

Quick and dirty this time kids.  However, the lack of fluff does not indicate a decrease in quality.  This is premium Schlock right here!

Paidion =

Every thing on the internet you should have seen, but were too busy having a life to check out.

Second verse, same as the first.  A whole lot louder and a whole lot worse!

Amazing underwater photography!

Nom nom…..nomicon

If you decide on a career in busking, this is the site for you!


A Zombie Love Story

If you have a stroke, let a bat bite your butt.

Nocturnusrex =

Further geekify your home in 2 easy steps:  1 & 2

Why not buy a “historical” UFO of your very own?

The happiest place on earth (if you don’t agree you will be starved to death and then shot)!

Hungry, hungry teenagers.

Spectacular FAIL OF THE WEEK!!!

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33+33*33 = Episode 1122

Happy Blueberry Cheesecake Day everyone!  We’ve been gorging ourselves on this glorious confection since very early this morning and will continue to do so until 11:59pm tonight!  It doesn’t matter how sick we get, this cheesecake has got to be eaten ( Notwithstanding any other provision in this agreement to the contrary, no full or partial failure to exercise and no delay in exercising, on the part of a party, any right, remedy, power or privilege permitted hereunder shall operate in any way as a waiver thereof by such party, regardless of the frequency of such failure or delay.)!!  I don’t care how much these shooting pains in my left arm hurt, I’m not going to stop eating this blueber

A Spoonful of Paidion Pie

All tied up

The Labyrinth of Genre

How to be a Retronaut

I’ve been shipping my aerosol cans to Mars

Music you should not steal!

A Slice of Nocturnusrex’ Nectar

Do not make your beaver angry

I cobbled this together out of earwax, a spoon, and the elastic from my underpants.

Is your house zombie-proof?

Minecraft goes mobile

The Murban

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